Break free from Self-Criticism, Worries and Self-Doubt, 6 weeks to master Self Love Course!

Do you often find yourself stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, seeking validation from others, and struggling to set your own boundaries? Are you tired of constantly criticizing yourself and comparing yourself to those around you? Do you find yourself worrying a lot, keeping stuck in negative thinking patterns?

Today, it’s time to make a powerful choice to break free from this pattern and step into your true potential. Opting to live life on your own terms means experiencing more joy and a greater sense of flow.

In our 6 week self love course, we’ll equip you with practical steps to:

  • Build unshakable self-confidence by understanding the three fundamental pillars.
  • Tap into the natural power of your heart to control your emotional state.
  • Recognize and overcome those deep-seated subconscious programs that might be holding you back.

This isn’t just another ordinary self-help program; it’s a life-changing journey that empowers you to live authentically and create a life filled with self-love and purpose. Our toolkit, refined over a 10+ years of wisdom and experience, ensures you’ll see results in the first 14 days. 

Don’t miss out! Join 6 week course, and begin your journey toward unshakable self-love and confidence. Take the first step towards a life lived authentically and on your own terms. 

This is what our participants say about our course:

Coen is a great teacher as he embodies his teachings. He has inspired me and helped me believe in my own power and define my own life instead of let it be defined by what happened/happens to me. Thank you.
Testimonial Coen Walstra
Nina Imboden
The course with Coen and Nicole helped and guided me through a very rough period in my life. They gave me lots of tips and instructions that I still use “preventively” today. Both live absolutely out of their hearts and help other people with their warm and loving nature wherever they can. They bring a lot of love into this world. Thank you both!
The course is worth its weight in gold. The meditations are beautiful and touched me deeply. I feel like a weight is lifted and in a much deeper connection with myself, it is much easier making decisions this way.
Nanuk J.
Nanuk J.

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60 days money back

We want you to be completely satisfied

We stand for 100% behind our product and have made it with all our energy and love. We trust that you will love our course and will see a huge positive change in your world doing this course. That is why we give a 60 days money back guarantee. 

If you do not like the course you can very easily ask your money back and get a full, friendly and fast refund. No questions asked.

This course will be the start of a lifelong love story between you and your precious heart!

This 6 week self-love course will help you to:

  • Feel much more love for yourself and everything around you

  • Have a much better feel of what is good for you and because of it you will be able to make much better decisions for your life

  • Break free from limiting beliefs, negative self talk and old painful emotions.

  • Think much more positively about yourself and learn how you can change negative thinking.

  • Become more aware of your own behavior and thinking patterns. 

  • Make a much deeper connection with your heart, a key element for self-love and a more fulfilled life.

  • Set healthier boundaries, say “no” more easily, and strengthen your intuition

  • Feel much more at home and at ease with yourself and your body

The three pillars of self-love

This course is based on the three pillars of self-love! Through my own experience and in everything I have learned in the last ten years about self-love, I have come to the realization that there are three pillars, or three parts you can best work on to gain more self-love. When you invest yourself in these three things, your self-love will grow greatly, you will become much better aware of your own feelings and the way you communicate with yourself and you will be able to create a more fulfilled life out of your heart. These three pillars are:

Connection to your heart to learn to love yourself

1. A deeper connection with your heart

The connection with your heart is essential when you want to gain more self-love. It is the foundation to build more self-love upon.

Subconscious mind

2. Changing subconscious beliefs and programs

When you work on changing subconscious beliefs and programs you change the way you think about yourself, feel about yourself and act towards yourself and others.

Releasing heartwalls and block

3. Releasing blocks that stop the flow of love

The last thing is to release the blocks or layers around your heart that stop the flow of love from streaming in and out of your heart. When you release these blocks, love flows much freer into your life.

This is what others say about the course:

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loving guidance. I really enjoyed all of your meditations. You have taken me a big step towards myself. With each meditation I have been able to get in touch with my heart. I found your guidance great and very supportive, I don't think I would have experienced this so intensively and wonderfully without the help. Thank you again!
Thank you very much for this great course, your commitment and your clarity. I really liked this course and it just did me good. I am starting the new year full of confidence. The course is also very well structured. I've been meditating for years because I'm a hypnotherapist myself, you've gently guided those who don't know it into meditation. Really professional.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the wonderful meditations. I liked it very, very much. You did it just brilliantly.😇 Coen you have such a loving, warm and very natural way. I really enjoyed listening to you. I found it just all really good your voice the music, the pace, the length of the meditations👌🏼​

This awaits you

You will experience more love for yourself and for everything around you

In this course you will learn to connect deeper with your heart, transform old painful beliefs into loving new ones and integrate a deeper understanding of your true self-worth. This will guide you towards a more loving relationship with yourself.

Replace old, negative inner beliefs and emotions with new, loving ones

You will use super powerful healing methods like Theta healing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to release old negative inner beliefs and replace them with more loving and joyful ones.

Go through your daily life with much more joy

Our subconscious mind influences us for about 95% in the way we communicate with ourselves. You will get a much better understanding of how the subconscious mind works and how you can make real changes in here. All the meditations and exercises you will use are designed to make true long lasting and permanent changes in your subconscious. This will have an incredible result.

Connect deeply with your heart and live an authentic life out of your heart​

In the first two weeks you will learn how to connect deeply with your heart and activate the innate love that is stored inside of you. You heart truly is the foundation of a more loving life. We have seen that there is always an innate love inside of you that never disappears. Activating this love and connecting deeper with your heart will give you the ability to have a much better feel of what is right for you. You will be able to live more and more your own authentic life.

Bring love into the world around you

In the fifth week you will learn how to live your daily life with more self-love. By being able to do this, you will also be able to bring plenty of love into this world. When you become more loving towards yourself, you will send this love to everything around you. You can connect on a deeper level with people, nature and anything you want. You become the light in your own world.

Free yourself from self-doubt and worry

By loving yourself more most of your self-doubt starts to disappear because you begin to think in a much healthier and kinder way about yourself. You worry less about what others think about you and it is easier to stand up for yourself because you have a much better feel of what is right for you. When you become more free of these kinds of emotions your life feels much lighter and joyful.

Course content

– How beautiful that you are here!

– Three Pillars of self-love

– Understanding the power of affirmations and how to use them

– Speak along with your affirmations

– Explanation for your sleep hypnosis

– Sleep hypnosis

1.1 Explanation video: learn the importance of your heart for self-love and how the connection with your heart will deepen your self-love.

1.2 Meditation to connect again fully to your heart and open yourself up for more self-love in your life. You will activate the innate love that is inside of you.

2.1 Explanation video: in this weeks video you will learn how you can become more aware of the way you think, feel and act. This is the first step of becoming more free from your past and starting to communicate more lovingly towards yourself.

Along with this, you will learn how your heart influences your brain and how you can step into your full potential by bringing your heart and brain into perfect balance. 

2.2 Meditation where you bring your heart and brain in perfect balance, through which you will be able to live more from your heart.

3.1 Explanation video: in this video you will learn how your subconscious mind works: an essential lesson to change the way you communicate with yourself. Then we will go into Theta healing, a powerful healing method we will use in the meditation of this week to change subconscious beliefs and feelings.

3.2 Powerful Theta healing meditation to reprogram your subconscious mind to open yourself up for more self-love

4.1 Explanation video: how to start living from the inside out and explanation of the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session and how you can heal negative emotions with EFT.

4.2 Powerful EFT session to heal negative beliefs and emotions.

4.3 Hypnosis for a new emotional world and more self-love

5.1 Explanation video: learn to live self-love in your daily life. With powerful tips and techniques.

5.2 Powerful hypnosis to integrate more self-love in your daily life!

6.1 Explanation video on how you can also keep walking the path of self-love after this course 

6.2 Powerful meditation to bring yourself in a state of ultimate self-love

– Thank you for joining this journey

Learn to love yourself

Why is it important to learn to love yourself more?

When you learn to love yourself more you become capable of making much better decisions for yourself and your life. You have a much better feel of what is right for you and because of this, you can set healthier boundaries and for instance, say “no” more easily. You go through life with much more inner strength and confidence, and any negative inner beliefs and self-doubt lose their power over you. There will always be a place within yourself where you can go for support and love. A place where you feel at home and at ease. When you love yourself more, it becomes easier to live an authentic life and walk your own path through it. You will not only be loving yourself more, but you’ll also be able to love others more and give them more love and support. More self-love has a positive impact on all areas of your life and in consequence, the lives of others. 

sich selbst lieben lernen

How will this course influence your life?

This course will have a positive influence on all areas of your life. The real meaning of more self-love is not only that you will like/love yourself more, but, by experiencing more love, you will consequently start to love every area of your life more. It influences every aspect of your life. In the beginning you might just feel a slight change in attitude toward yourself and your body. Then you start to make healthier decisions, which are more in line with who you really are. Then you become more aware of how you act towards yourself and others and are able to make positive changes. And slowly this all starts to influence your entire life more and more…

We have designed this course in a way that it will have permanent results. Every week builds upon the previous one and throughout the six weeks you will notice more and more results.

sich selbst lieben lernen
Self love course

You are completely flexible in terms of time

You can choose at what time of the day you want to watch and do the videos, affirmations, and sessions. To make it fit easily in your schedule, we have designed the course in a way that it will take around 30-40 minutes per day. Of course, it is most effective if you do it in one go. But if you don’t manage to complete it in the six weeks, it will not be a problem. You can just continue where you left off or even start over. Each week will bring positive changes and even if you do not complete the entire course in a single go, it will have a positive influence on your self-love right from the start. 

"A true life of love is the best gift that I ever gave myself"

I THANK YOU THANK YOU ♡ It was great and I was so filled and blessed with so much love and magic♡. With all my heart, THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for guiding and accompanying me so lovingly. The time is and was magical for me. I feel so connected to myself and my heart - it feels wonderful / gentle / tender, yet powerful!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I consider it a great gift to have come across your course 💕.
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the wonderful guidance. It touched me, carried me and I am so much deeper connected with my heart ❤️. I am full of gratitude, that I feel throughout my entire day. I experience my entire world in a new way😍

About your transformational life coach!

Coen Walstra

Over the past decade, Coen Walstra has dedicated himself to discovering the most effective ways to facilitate personal transformation. In this remarkable journey, he has delved into a rich tapestry of psychological, spiritual, and scientific methods, leveraging a multifaceted approach to bring about profound change.

His primary areas of focus revolve around two core principles: the interplay of self-love and the heart, and understanding how our subconscious mind is programmed. Coen has refined his expertise in deciphering these facets of human experience and is dedicated to uncovering the most powerful techniques for causing lasting transformations within the subconscious mind.

Nicole and Coen have been coaching me for over a year now. I am very grateful that they both exist and that I have mastered various life- and crisis situations with the help of both of them. It didn’t matter if they used EFT, Theta healing, Theki, chakra healing, heart opening, depending on the individual situation they intuitively knew which technique to use and it was super powerful every time. You quickly feel that both of them are professionals who have been dealing with different coaching techniques and spirituality for many years.
I was able to come to terms with many things (7 years of relationship with a malignant narcissist took me to the lowest level of my self-esteem and zeroed my self-love) and I was able to let go of the old, anchor new beliefs and see myself as lovable and worthy again.
Silke H.
Thank you very much for the self-love course. I found it very good and I think it was also very fruitful and reached my unconscious parts as well. For example, for several years I mourned the loss of a man I could not forget and often thought back to him with pain and unfulfilled longing, even if he refused to communicate with me, which hurt me a lot. During your self love course I had interesting dreams e.g. I dreamed that I was seeing a psychologist and he told me that it wasn't love. I woke up and had the certain feeling that it wasn't love, more like addiction or dependency. And I have the feeling that I can finally let go of the hope that he will come back and even if he should come again, I wouldn't just accept it like that. I am very much myself and no longer need him for my happiness and that is a very nice warm and joyful feeling. ​

Do you still have questions about the course?

What do I need for my self-love course?

You need an internet connection. You can listen to and watch the videos and sessions on all devices. It works equally well on a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

How can I pay for the challenge?

The payment will be processed by Digistore24. You will be automatically forwarded to their website. There, you can securely pay with several payment methods. The payment can be a one time payment or when you opt for rates, the amount of rates that is chosen.

What if I don't like the course?

Although we have put all our energy and love into this course, it can happen that you don't like it. In that case, you can return the course over Digistore24 super easily within 60 days and get your money back.

How do I get access to the course?​

After the purchase you will receive an email with your access data and a link to the course. If you follow the link, you can log in with your log in data and have access to the course.

Where can I buy the course?

You can buy the course here

For how long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course for at least 36 months.

When does the course start and how long does it last?

You can start the course whenever you want. The course takes 6 weeks and every week you will have a new, consecutive topic.

Am I tied to fixed times during the course?

Of course, it makes sense to complete your challenge in 6 weeks. But it's up to you to incorporate breaks into your course if that feels best for your personal situation. You can choose your own start date as well as the time of the day in which you want to watch your sessions and videos.

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