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How to make positive affirmations work faster for you

How to make positive affirmations work faster for you! 10 tips to rock your positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great way to implement new inner beliefs and reprogram the subconscious mind. It is only really important to use the affirmations in the right way to get the desired effects. If you for instance say them without feeling an emotion, there is not much going to happen. Our brain speaks in the language of words, but our body speaks in the language of emotions and feelings and for it to work you need both aspects. In the following video I will share ten tips how to use them the right way and under the video you will also find them one more time written.

How to Make Affirmations WORK FASTER For You - 10 Tips to Rock your Positive Affirmations [Best Way]

Tip 1. They should always be stated positive

When you start with positive affirmations the first very important thing to know is that you always state them positive. This means that you will never use words like not, For instance: I am not insecure. In this case you would somethings like: I am confident or I have great inner strength. This is very important because our mind will not hear the word not. So saying something like: I am not insecure, will be heard by the mind as I am insecure. It will still hear the word insecure.

Hereby a couple of examples how you would use them:
– I am more then good enough
– I am powerful and strong
– I love myself
– I have great inner strength
– I look at myself and the world through the eyes of love

Positive affirmations

Tip 2. Feeling the emotion when you speak a positive affirmation

The second thing that is really important is to feel the emotions when you speak them out loud or say them in your mind. Our brain speaks in words, but our body speaks in emotions and feelings. It will only really make a change when you also try to feel the emotion. So if you say: I am confident, try to feel confident. I belief that this is something were a lot of people make mistakes, they just say them a couple of times without feeling the emotion and in that case it does not work.

Tip 3. Saying them out loud in front of the mirror – Mirror Affirmation Technique

A great way to use them is using the mirror affirmation technique and in this technique you stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say the affirmation and feel the emotion that belongs to it. In my own experience this can make it much more effective, because you look yourself in the eyes and really imagine that it already has happened. In the following shorts video I also share this technique:


I have to be honest that the first time you do this, it feels really weird. But after some time you get used to it and you start liking it. Actually it is a very good way to overcome the insecurity to not want to look yourself in the eyes when you say them.

Tip 4. Write them 10 times down

To have a big impact you can choose a couple of affirmations that are really important to you and write them every day 10 times down. When we write things down different parts of our brain get activated. If you use this practice it is smart to take a fixed time to do it every day. In this way it is much easier to make a habit out of it and stick with it. Positive affirmations are not a quick fix that are after two or three days completely in your subconscious mind. You are working on long lasting well-being and it can take some time before you truly belief a new inner belief.

how to write affirmations

Tip 5. Repeat them the entire day

Another great way to have faster results with positive affirmations is to choose one, two or three affirmations and repeat them the entire day in your mind. In this way you take control over the things you think about. When I started using this one I often said the affirmation 500 times a day and it really helped. It is again important to try to feel the emotion when you say the affirmation.

Tip 6. Use the why question

It can be super effective to let our mind come up with solutions. Better said: it loves coming up with solutions and with this method we make use out of that. In this method you change your affirmation in a why question. If you for instance say: I am abundant, you would change it in: why am I abundant? Your brain will start looking for solutions. It could be that it thinks of the nice tea you had this morning, the house you are living in, the food you have on the table and so on.

when your brain comes with answers you will start to feel the emotion that belongs with it and you will reprogram yourself.

Hereby a couple of examples:
– I am abundant – becomes – Why am I abundant?
– I am confident – becomes – Why am I confident?
– I am good enough – becomes – Why am I good enough?

Tip 7. Record them and listen to them

I use this one since a couple of months and it became also right away one of my favorite methods and is one of the most effective ones I have tested. You make a list of the positive affirmations you want to have and then you record them for instance on your phone and listen to them throughout the day or when you fall asleep. The best moment to listen to them is when you fall asleep or right after you wake up. In these moments you are in theta brainwaves and with these brainwaves it is the easiest to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Personally I recorded them and edited them on my computer with some soft music.

Tip 8. Change a negative belief right on the spot with a positive affirmation

The eight tip is to change a negative belief right in the moment that it comes up. You try to stay throughout the day really aware about your thinking and when you notice that you have a negative belief, for instance an insecurity that comes up, you use it right in that moment to change your thoughts and feelings. In this case you would for instance say: I am confident and try to feel the confidence.

When I was going through a period were I was not doing good I used this all the time. I tried to stay aware of my thoughts and change them when they came up. You will notice that you have quite often the same thoughts coming up and when you change that thought over and over again you will start thinking and feeling different.

how to make affirmations more effective

Tip 9. Look for validation

Next to saying them out loud it can also really help to look for signs that your new inner belief is right. If you for instance want to belief that you are more then good enough, look for small things that this is true. That good be that you helped a friend, that you made nice food, that you gave a compliment and so on. It is especially important to look for a lot of small confirmations, when you do so, your brain gets trained in seeing what you do right and will start to belief that it is true.

Tip 10. Stay patient, loving and kind towards yourself

It is so important when you are using positive affirmations or are doing self-development or spiritual development in general to stay patient, loving and kind towards yourself. When we want to change things in ourself it can take time and in my own experience there is no miracle pill that will change you from one day to another. It takes repetition and practice to change, but it can be so worth it.

Also try to have fun changing inner beliefs, see it as an experiment and present you give to yourself. You can even use a positive affirmation like: I love changing my thoughts and feelings, to make it even more fun.

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