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Dr. Joe Dipenza breathing technique

365 day Dr. Joe Dispenza breathing for 30 to 90 minutes a day. What happened doing the breathing technique!

One year ago, right after the Cancun weeklong in June I wanted to get the Dr. Joe Dispenza breathing just really good under control. So I made with myself a challenge that turned out into a 365 day experiment were I did the breath for 30-90 minutes a day in the morning and up to three hours a day. This has had such an extremely positive effect on my life and truly amazing and mystical things happened that I wanted to share my experiences.

365 Days Dr. Joe Dispenza BREATHING for 30 To 90 Minutes a Day - What happened! [+3 Tips]

Even now after doing the breath for so many hours I still have respect for the breath, because you never know what’s going to happen and I think everyone I know has to overcome in the beginning a curtain amount of fear going all in, but it is so worth it!

Change in my wellbeing

So first of all I have had an enormous shift in my general wellbeing in a positive way. I feel so much more love for myself and have actually ongoing this deep inner peace that I feel underneath all other things that happen in my life. I feel more at home by myself and can just much easier surrender to changes and things that happen. I have the feeling this happened because I released so much old trauma and so get much less triggered then before. Next to this there are happening much more synchronicities in my daily life and I feel more and more in line with the universe.

Weird and Mystical things that happened

Then there were curtain mystical and weird things that just kept happening. These are the things that happened most often:

 – What happens really often is that after doing a breath I shoot back into a traumatic experience of the past, this is as real as I am typing this message, so I have the feeling I am truly in that situation. After doing some more breaths I start to feel more love for the situation, it starts to fade away and out of a sudden I am back in the room were I do the breath.

– What also happens more often is similar towards the first experience, but in this case I shoot back towards a traumatic experience of a past life, or at least something that didn’t happen in this life. One time I saw myself for instance burning on the stake and after a couple of breaths I can let it go, forgive and send love and I am back in the room were I do the breath.

– I also more often out of body experiences and this happens after doing a breath. Two times I was floating above my body, seeing myself from he top. And what happens more regularly is that I am in a place I don’t know, with people I don’t know and when I then do another breath I am back in the room were I am doing the breath.

– What sometimes also happens is that there are right in front of me mystical objects, like energy balls or shapes of pyramids and I even had it that this very strong wind was blowing in my face, while there was no wind in the room.

– Then as last thing is that sometimes during my daily life the breath just starts automatically when something painful happens. I had it one time on the market that something happened and the breath just started, bit awkward… I had set down on a bench and after 15 minutes it stopped and the painful things was also worked through and gone.

Wat I can say is that after a couple of months, I think around 4, more and more mystical things started to happen. Sometimes during the breath, but sometimes also on other moments (the other day during a restorative yoga class).

How I did the Dr. Joe Dispenza breathing mostly

Mostly I do the laying down version of the breath (Joe Dispenza teaches that one by Botec 7) and quite often after a meditation or walking meditation, by me it goes then the easiest.

For me this is just an miraculous ongoing journey and it healed a lot in me.

I am highly grateful for this powerful tool in my life and I hope that this post gives a good view what all happened!

Also have a look at my post where I share what 1000 days Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations have changed in my life.

Sending bunches of love and perhaps you are also interested in my self love course were you learn to love yourself more. 


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