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I Did 1000 Days Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditations – What Happened!

After the super nice reaction on my video what happened doing Dr. Joe Dispenza breathing for 365 days, I also want to share what 1000 days of Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations have changed in me. During this period I meditated every day for 1 to 4 hours and amazing things happened during this period. Hereby my video with my experiences:

I Did 1000 Days Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditations - What Happened!

A little bit over 3 years ago I went to my first Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat and started with his meditations. I committed myself to do at least for one year every day a meditation to see what it can do and I am still doing them today. I came from a period with burnouts and depressions and it is so touching to see what all happened and to feel real joy and love for life again after such a dark period.

Improvement of my general well-being through the Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations

My general well-being is so much better and I feel incredible self-love and a deep inner peace at the moment, that I could not even have imagined some years ago. Even in very challenging moments I can feel these feelings. If you start doing the meditations from Dr. Joe Dispenza, you will have very beautiful moments, but also challenging things from the past will come up. When you dare to go through these, in my experience life gets more light and fulfilled.

You could say that I went through three fases during the last three years:

  1. The first year was super exciting, because all kinds of new things happened. I started shaking during his meditations, what I had never had before with other meditations. I also started feeling love in a beautiful way I had never had before. It was also a very intense time. I have the feeling that when you start doing self development or spiritual development, first quite some unsolved things from the past want to be seen. When you go through them life becomes lighter. Then as last thing my ex partner and me manifested during this period that we could work anywhere in the world, what was a big dream of us.
  2. In the second period I started feeling healthier and healthier (I did a lot of his Blessing of the Energy center meditations during that period) and next to this I worked a lot on vulnerability. Some people think vulnerability is a weakness, but in my experience and what I mean with this is the complete opposite. When you do his meditations your emotional range will start to grow: you feel more joy and love and you feel also feelings like sadness more intense. This makes you much stronger, because you can much better feel what is good for you and also speak this out. In my own experience by becoming more vulnerable you become more open
  3. In the last period I became closer and closer to myself and started to love myself on a much deeper level. It was a year with a couple of very big challenges, but throughout the entire time I could always still feel this love. Sometimes we only know the progress we made when we go through a tuff period. Another thing I see is that you start to live more and more in the present moment. You also train this during his meditations and you are less busy with negativity from the past or worries about the future. This is a true blessing.

Mystical things and opportunities that happened

In the three years I have during his meditations and breath experienced a lot of mystical things, like seeing energy bolls and outer body experiences. It is incredible what can all happen.

When I started with his work we were still working with mind movies. Little movies that you make that show your future. It is beautiful to test the spiritual laws that you learn by truly manifesting things into your life. When I was manifesting abundance I out of a sudden sold my houseboat for instance. Another thing I attracted was a car, it was exactly the brand and price I had in my manifestations. Without going anywhere he just stood one day right in front of my old car with big sale signs. Every time you manifest something you get more trust that it works.

I hope that I can inspire someone with my experiences and wish you so much fun and joy on your spiritual path!


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